The Countdown Numbers Game

We're great fans of Countdown, the TV programme on Channel 4. Mostly it is about getting the longest word from a collection of 9 letters, but every few rounds (just before the ads) they have the numbers game. In it, you have to find a way of getting to a number between 0 and 999 using 6 starting numbers and only add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Anyway, just for some fun, here is a solver for the numbers game for you to try. Just type in the target, select the numbers you can use, or choose them all at random. Then let the computer give you the best answer. If you want to, you can "cheat" and include powers (of original numbers and intermediate results), square roots and factorials.

You can work with numbers up to 9999 if you want. About 20% of the time the "Random Target" button will think of one.

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